The Definitive Guide to Bird Identification

The Definitive Guide to Bird Identification

What with it being the penultimate week of teaching term, today has been full on so I haven’t time for a lengthy post. On very busy days like this I find it quite relaxing watching the birds in my little garden even just for a few minutes in between other things. Over the past few months I think I’ve become quite adept at identifying the various avian visitors so thought I’d share that expert knowledge free of charge with my vast readership via the above graphic.

5 Responses to “The Definitive Guide to Bird Identification”

  1. I think the many species of birds in my garden must have invited their neighbours over, as they are going through bird food at an amazing rate. You noted that your robin was pretty tame. One of ours will follow me around the garden sometimes, but never gets closer than about 1 m.

    I have a bird identification book at my desk at the window, along with some binoculars, so I can try and identify the birds using the feeders.

    • telescoper Says:

      The birds will all have eggs and chicks now so they tend to do a lot of fetching and carrying at this time of year. The smaller birds generally switch to caterpillars worms and bugs rather than seeds. Blue tits have disappeared from my feeders for this reason.

      I had a goldcrest in the garden for the first time the other day…

      • Don’t forget to put out water for them as well, especially now with the good* weather.

        *Good by Irish standards…..

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    I feel that a Boeing 747 ought to be included in the figure to assist the reader to distinguish.

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