I’m not in Lausanne…

A view of Lausanne, where I am not.

For the rest of this week I shall not be in the beautiful town of Lausanne on the shores of Lake Léman in Switzerland.

The reason I am not in Lausanne is that the Annual Meeting of the Euclid Consortium is being held here this year. I was not in Barcelona for the corresponding meeting last year. At least I have actually been to Barcelona a few times. I’ve never been to Lausanne, and won’t have been even after attending a conference there.

While not in Lausanne I shall be watching the talks remotely from Maynooth but of course there is much more to a conference than the formal sessions. I am looking forward to not travelling there and back as well as not socializing with the other delegates, not sampling the local food and wine, not meeting any new people and not making any use of networking opportunities to start new collaborations. I’ll also not be rummaging around in the conference goody bag.

Above all I am looking forward to not seeing many old friends for the first time in ages and not going out for a drink with them. Instead of that I’ll be not having a drink, on my own, in Maynooth.

These virtual conferences are all very well, and of course made necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic, but what particular annoys me about them is the absence of travel means I don’t get to use my Irish passport. I deeply resent being denied the opportunity brandish it in front of my UK colleagues as I use the fast track at the airport…

One Response to “I’m not in Lausanne…”

  1. A bit of a tangent, but if you can’t be in Lausanne then you might like the option of not listening to it either, although Rhys Meirion is generally worth listening to.

    It’s one of those hymn tunes that’s been so popular in Wales over the years that many people think it is Welsh. The composer, César Malan, was (unsurprisingly) Swiss and seems to have been a bit of a character.

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