Meet the Astronomer Royal for Scotland!

I just heard this morning the wonderful news that Scotland has a new Astronomer Royal, in the form of Professor Catherine Heymans who is based at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. I am delighted to hear of this appointment! I have known Catherine for a long time from her work on cosmological applications of gravitational lensing. She was kind enough to visit us in Maynooth back in 2019 on University business and to meet Maynooth University Library Cat.

Catherine Heymans is the 11th Astronomer Royal for Scotland, succeeding Professor John Brown who passed away in 2019. She is also the first female holder of the title, in the 187 years since it was created.

I’m not exactly sure what is in the job description of Astronomer Royal for Scotland. I think it is largely an honorary title, but it will give Catherine a platform for outreach and other public activities which I’m sure she will do brilliantly, hopefully inspiring a future generation of female scientists in the process!

P.S. I can’t resist mentioning that I have posted a look-alike

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