Between Shots

The weather being rather pleasant today I had the chance to do a spot of gardening and hence chat to a couple of my neighbours outside at front of house about this that and the other. It turns out all three of us are between vaccine jabs, two having had a dose of Pfizer/BioNTech and the other one dose of AstraZeneca. None of us had any side effects after the first dose but are all now wondering when we’ll get our second. I expect I’ll get mine by mid-June sometime.

Official statistics on Ireland’s vaccination are no longer being published owing to the continuing disruption caused by a randsomware attack on the HSE computer systems, but the programme itself has not been affected by this and it is now believed that over 50% of the adult population has had its first jab.

However, this week we learned that Johnson & Johnson has joined AstraZeneca in not being able fulfil its contractual obligations and there might be a shortfall of several hundred thousand doses in June. It always seemed to me unlikely that Ireland would reach the Government’s target of 80% of the adult population vaccinated by the end of June, and now that looks virtually impossible.

Progress in vaccination will be a big factor in how we start teaching again next academic year, especially as it concerns the student population. We won’t know for a while how this will pan out so I’m trying not to think about it.

Of course there’s also the question of how many don’t take up the offer of a vaccine. I haven’t seen statistics on that but I hope it’s a small fraction. If people refuse their jabs, many may die needlelessly.

P.S. Can anyone suggest a plausible scientific explanation of why the lockdown has caused all my summer clothes to shrink?



2 Responses to “Between Shots”

  1. Francis Says:

    The Universe is expanding, and hence so are you. However, for some reason not yet understood by scientists, the expansion doesn’t apply to clothes…..

    I put on 5.5 kg during the first 10 months lockdown, and finally decided to do something about it around February. Now nearly back to what I weighed before lockdown. It is very easy to overeat when you are at home all day !!! Regular exercise is also vital.

    Did you not get a second vaccine appointment when you made the first? When my family and I made the appointments – using the online system – it automatically generated a second appointment for 10 weeks later.

    • telescoper Says:

      No, I got a card but the date for the second dose was left blank on it. The same is true for my neighbours.

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