Round Britain Quiz

As it is Bank Holiday Weekend I thought I’d set a little quiz, which you must answer without using a search engine. Which of the following is not a genuine UK place name?

Thornton le Beans
Shatton Moor
Jingling Pot
Shitlington Common
Shingay cum Wendy
Pity Me
Sally’s Bottom
Lickar Moor
Nether Wallop
Great Bottom Flash
Hen Poo

Answers through the comments box please!

3 Responses to “Round Britain Quiz”

  1. Folk-music fans will be disappointed that you left out Maidenhead.

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    As you lived in Cardiff, you might have included Splott. Shirley Bassey put it about that she was from Tiger Bay, a name which suited her image, but although she was born there she actually grew up in Splott, which didn’t.

    • telescoper Says:

      A bit of googling tells me that the Basseys lived in Portmanmoor Road, Splott. That’s actually not far from Bute Street in Cardiff Bay where she was born.

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