40 years since A-level

It was with quite a shock that I realized the other day that it is no less than forty years since I took my GCE A-levels. Here is the evidence:

I don’t know why kept this “Statement of Entry” all this time but you’ll see that my first exam was the Physics Multiple Choice paper exactly 40 years ago today on 22nd June 1981. The following day was a toughie with Mathematics 1 in the morning and a Chemistry Paper in the afternoon, but I remember 26th June (which was a Friday) being the hardest with the with Further Maths examination in the morning followed by the Chemistry Special Paper in the afternoon, both of them of 3 hours duration. I’ve actually posted the first of these on this blog, here, along with quite a few of the papers I took way back then.

2 Responses to “40 years since A-level”

  1. Seb Barton Says:

    I have an almost identical slip (- further maths, + biology) for that year but it is interesting to compare how many exams were crammed into a short period (and I think many were 3 hour papers, physics might have been 3 1/4 – or that might have been the Cambridge entrance).

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