Back in the office!

high-tech digital calendar display unit

Well, as promised yesterday I went back into my office at Maynooth University this afternoon. I didn’t achieve very much apart from resetting some of the sophisticated equipment (see above) but it’s a start…

To be honest I was a little distracted by the cricket at Lord’s where there was a remarkable turnaround in Indian’s favour on the last day. Looking like they were going to struggle to save the game with six wickets down for 181, a lead of just 154 overnight, and losing two quick wickets in the morning, India went on to declare on 298 for 8, then bowled England out this evening for just 120. It’s been an excellent Test Match, full of twists and turns, ending in a result that seemed very unlikely at the start of the day.

Call me old-fashioned but you can’t beat Test cricket. Nothing compares to it!

3 Responses to “Back in the office!”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    I woz there. England have only one good Test batsman, and this will continue to be the rule until more of the county championship is played in midseason so that batsmen learn to build innings on decent pitches rather than on early- and late-season stickies where the optimal tactic is to hit out before an unpredictable bounce gets you out for a low score. Equally important, this change would allow batsmen to come into tests with practice in the long game just behind them rather than several weeks behind them. At present, high summer is dominated by one-day cricket which is more lucrative. The ECB is dominated by marketing barbarians.

    • telescoper Says:

      I agree. I remember one of the commentators said that Bairstow hadn’t played any first-class cricket this summer before the First Test. If Root gets injured England will be in a dire situation.

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