I am a successful.

The other day a friend of mine pointed out the existence of a website called CelebsAgeWiki.Com which has a page about me. I’m not sure why they considered me worthy of inclusion, although I suspect they just use some sort of bot to trawl through pages on Wikipedia (and I happen to have one of those, although I know not who created it nor who keeps updating it). If that is the case then whoever wrote the software is obviously incompetent.

Anyway you can see from the above grab I took on my phone that my page is full of information about me. For one thing they know that I am a successful. For another they know that I am from. They also know that my “net worth” grew considerably from 2020 to 2021, which is news to me. I won’t comment on their estimate of my “net worth” except to say that I was briefly a millionaire some years ago, but then Italy abolished the Lira.

At least they got my age right.

P.S. I am slightly alarmed that my salary for last year is “under review”. I hope my employer doesn’t expect me to pay it back….

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