Delivery Day

At last I have been re-united with the belongings from my Cardiff house! I have to say, though, that it nearly didn’t happen. When I booked the removal as a return load I was told delivery to my Maynooth residence would happen “sometime in the week beginning 30th August”. I was further told that I would be contacted nearer the date to confirm date and time. That second bit didn’t happen and it was a surprise to me when two guys turned up this morning with all my stuff in a 40-ft wagon; I was in the house at 9am when they arrived so they just got on with unloading my stuff. I don’t know what would have happened had I been out. It wasn’t the fault of the two blokes who came with the lorry of course. In fact they were really helpful. Probably someone in an office hadn’t done their job.

Anyway, a couple of hours later they had unloaded my possessions and I made a start at the unpacking. I managed to get most of the 20 boxes of books onto shelves and also put up most of my pictures. I’ll probably move some of them later but they’re out of the way when they’re on the wall. Having worked at this all day without a lunch break, I stopped at 6.40pm. I haven’t yet started on the kitchen things but I’m satisfied nevertheless with progress.

I should be able finish the unpacking over the weekend. The kitchen will be slow because having been accumulating dust for the best part of two years all the pots, pans, crockery and glassware will have to go through the dishwasher before I put them away. I’ll also have to disinfect the fridge/freezer too. Then I’ll have to think about what to do with all the empty boxes and waste packing materials. They can all be recycled, but there’s far too much to fit in one wheelie bin!

So here I am. just over a year since I got the keys my Maynooth residence is definitely starting to feel like home. Better late than never!

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