Back to Campus

Well here we are at last, back to campus. Returning students were back to lectures this morning and although our new students don’t begin their lectures until next Monday (27th September) a sizeable contingent who accepted first-round offers were also here today doing orientation activities.

I didn’t actually have a lecture today as my first-year module doesn’t begin until next week but I did go to the lecture theatre at 11am this morning to chat to students about the module and give them some tips for studying theoretical physics. As it happens, that is Physics Hall which is on the ground floor of the building shown in the picture above. I’ll see the full class next week. My second year module has lectures on Tuesdays so my first real lecture will be tomorrow (afternoon).

We’re still short of one lecturer who still hasn’t obtained his visa yet. He will be doing lectures remotely until such time as he can arrive. I won’t deny that this has caused a lot of stress. We’re short-handed enough anyway without this.

Aside from that I’ve been trying to organize a number of things, including tutorials and course materials, and change some timetable bookings. The latter has proved necessary because we do have significantly more students than we had last year and some of the rooms we have been given are too small.

With another week to go until first-year lectures begin, and second-round CAO offers just going out today, we could still have a few more new students enrolling between now and then. The number of returning students has probably settled down by now, though we might get a few late enrolments.

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