Bank Holiday Break

So here we are then, five weeks of teaching over, we have reached the mid-term break. I actually thought it was quite unusual to reach study week after 5/12 of the Semester rather than half, but it seems it happened as recently as two years ago. The pandemic has played havoc with my powers of recollection as well as other things. Anyway, this Monday (25th October) is a Bank Holiday in Ireland. The last Monday of October (Lá Saoire i mí Dheireadh Fómhair), or the Halloween Holiday (Lá Saoire Oíche Shamhna), is always a national holiday here, although Halloween itself isn’t until next Sunday.

I’ve got a big backlog of work things to do, but I can’t face it right now so I’m going to take the long weekend off and use Tuesday to Friday to try to tackle the to-do list (apart from Wednesday, when I have to attend a Conferring Ceremony).

In the meantime I will be doing nothing more strenuous than a bit of gentle gardening, including clearing away the leaves and tackling the last bit of ivy threatening to invade my house.

On the subject of gardening, I’ve noticed that I’ve got a fine crop of toadstools on the back lawn. I don’t know enough about fungi to know whether they are toxic, edible or even hallucinogenic, though I think if they were edible the birds would have a go at them. Any experts who can identify the type shown please feel free to let me know!

It’s always puzzled me how many people thing that there must be something wrong with their garden if there are toadstools in it. As far as I’m concerned they are part of the natural ecosystem so I just let them grow. I find them quite fascinating. They only live a few weeks so will disappear in due course without any intervention from me.

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