Art Attack

Untitled, by Peter Coles (2021), 2m by 1.2m, chalk dust and oil on panel, Castlebridge Art Museum.

3 Responses to “Art Attack”

  1. Here Coles shows us the possibilities that Malevich, for all his vision, could not: again the Suprematist void unmoors the viewer from three-dimensional geometries, again the forced shift of perspective into no-place, but where his predecessor insists on an agreement between vertical and horizontal, Coles abandons the stale perfection of the square and other such structuralist and structuralizing notions on a field which presents both a dimensional disagreement and an intentional orientation (or an orientation of intention?). The work’s titlelessness may also be seen as a reference to and a surpassing of the Suprematist and Constructivist nomenclatures.

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