Professor of Climate Change at Maynooth University

I’ve been indisposed for most of today thanks to the after-effects of my booster jab, so I’ve just got time to pass on a bit of news about a job opportunity at Maynooth. You may recall that I announced recently that we are to receive a new Chair in Observational Astrophysics & Cosmology under the Strategic Academic Leadership Initiative. That post was made available in the second round of these positions and we hope to advertise it early in the New Year.

However, not all the first round positions have been filled yet so I thought I’d draw your attention to such a position in the area of Climate Change. My understanding is that this is going to be interpreted broadly including such areas as climate science, hydroclimatology, biogeography, paleoecology, paleoclimatology, oceanography, adaptation and mitigation, and remote sensing.

Given the overlap with geophysics and atmospheric physics, it may be that someone reading this blog might be tempted to apply. If so then you can find further details here. The deadline is Sunday January 30th 2022.

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