Another Year, Another Diary…

Lacking the energy to do anything more exciting I spent a bit of time this afternoon copying information into the latest Royal Astronomical Society diary from the old one. The forthcoming Semester is going to be very heavy with teaching (again) so it took quite a while to write in the dates and times of all my lectures. It usually takes a few weeks of term before I get into the routine, but I also need to pack in a lot of meetings around the teaching sessions – often at short notice – so it is useful to have the lectures there to form the skeleton of my schedule.

The diary part of the RAS diary, being I suppose intended for academics, actually runs from October to December the following year. In previous years it has arrived in time to use it for Semester 1 but for the last two years, probably owing to a combination of Covid-19 and Brexit, it hasn’t arrived in the post until December meaning that I couldn’t use the first three months in the new diary but they were covered by the old one. The heavy delay of the diary is matched by that of the RAS house journal Astronomy & Geophysics which usually takes a couple of months to reach Ireland.

I’m not sure I like the colour of this year’s diary very much. Last year’s (2021) was black, the one before that brown and before that red. The 2018 was a racing green as opposed to this year’s which is more of a chartreuse…

Digging these old diaries out reminds me that it was almost two years ago that I attended the RAS Club’s 200th anniversary dinner. The Club has effectively been in abeyance since February 2020. I wonder if it will be among the many venerable institutions that does not survive the pandemic?

Although many of my colleagues seem not to use them, I like old-fashioned diaries like the one above. I do run an electronic calendar for work-related events, meetings etc, but I use the paper one to scribble down extra-curricular activities such as concerts and sporting fixtures, as I find the smartphone version of my electronic calendar a bit fiddly. I’m interested to know the extent to which I am an old fogey so here’s a little poll on the subject of diaries:

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