Remote working stats

Here are some very interesting – and perhaps surprising – statistics about working from home in Ireland. It’s a few months old, but still relevant. It would be interesting to see an attitudes survey of this type for staff and student in Third Level institutions. Even if staff have to deliver lectures in person, I can imagine university managers eyeing the immense savings they could make by depriving staff of offices and instead requiring them to prepare lectures, do their administrative work, and carry out their research, etc from home.

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Some fascinating statistics in relation to remote working in the Republic released by the CSO yesterday. Two particularly striking ones.

A new survey from the Central Statistics Office reveals that 90% of those aged between 35 and 44 years who could work remotely would like to do so when Covid-19 pandemic restrictions end.

The CSO’s ‘Our Lives Online Pulse Survey’ also shows that 80% of those in employment have worked remotely at some point since the start of the pandemic.

That last statistic is surprising to me. Are there that many jobs in the economy that allow up to 80% of workers to work remotely? I’d have thought it was fewer, but if even close to that 80% that’s an enormous number of people who have the facility to work in that context. I’m guessing, though I could well be wrong, that some of these would be companies who turned…

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