Deciphering the past using ancient Irish genomes

I thought I’d use the medium of this blog to advertise the forthcoming Dean’s Lecture at Maynooth University by Prof. Daniel Bradley of Trinity College Dublin which takes place tomorrow evening at 7pm.

Prof. Bradley

The abstract is:

Our genomes are our biological blueprints. Their DNA code also carries the traces of our family ancestry and at a deeper level, the history of the population we come from. With modern instruments we can sequence for the first time the DNA of people who lived thousands of years ago and read their long-lost biological stories. Genomes from ancient Ireland, including from those buried in famous megalithic tombs such as Newgrange and Poulnabrone dolmen, highlight the great migrations that brought different waves of people to the island, and also give us hints of the very different societies that prevailed in our prehistory.

I’ll be attending the lecture in person on Maynooth University campus but it will also be streamed via Youtube so if you find this sort of thing as fascinating as I do but can’t attend in person please do register here in order to get the link that will enable you to join the live stream.

Update: it was very interesting!

2 Responses to “Deciphering the past using ancient Irish genomes”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Only in the last dozen years has it become possible to sequence entire genomes of large numbers of people economically and rapidly, and this has revolutionised the study of paleo-genetics and what can be inferred from it about migrations. Sometimes the results of older genetic studies based on only a few sites on the genome have been confirmed, sometimes disconfirmed. What is done is to compare (1) whole-genomes of ancient individuals, reconstructed from DNA in ancient bone marrow samples, with (2) a library of the genetic features of differing peoples, compiled from whole genomes of many individuals sampled from each modern population. A fine book on the subject, moving from continent to continent, is “Who we are and how we got here” by David Reich (2018).

  2. caseyparry Says:

    Thank you for publicising this. It was fascinating.

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