Distant Things!

I’m a bit late passing this on but there was a great deal of excitement this week at the news that the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has made an astonishing discovery about the early Universe as illustrated by the above picture published in Nature. As well as an individual star (?) observed at redshift 6.2, so distant that its light set out when the Universe was just 8% of its current age, the image also reveals the presence in the early Universe of large geometric shapes (such as rectangles) as well as a remarkable giant arrow. The presence of these features at such high redshift is completely inconsistent with the standard theory of structure formation.

3 Responses to “Distant Things!”

  1. Hurray for the Hubble! When I heard this news on the BBC, I don’t really believe it- thought that good old Beeb had got the figures wrong ……

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    The German for a television set is fernsehapparat – far-seeing apparatus. The description would be better applied to Hubble.

    • telescoper Says:

      In this case the star concerned is gravitationally lensed which makes it bright enough for HST to see it.

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