Reach for the Stars!

After all the nonsense in the past few days about ChorizoGate I thought I’d pass on news of some really wonderful and wonderfully real astronomical images featured in this year’s ‘Reach for the Stars’ astrophotography competition run by Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS). You can find a full gallery and learn more about the competition here, but here is just one beautiful image as a taster. It was taken by Aisling McGuire and it shows the Twelve Bens mountain range in Connemara, with the Milky Way above.

Picture Credit: Aisling McGuire

Do look at the rest of the gallery!

2 Responses to “Reach for the Stars!”

  1. Greg Metcalfe Says:

    Nice work. Pity your Milky Way is so low!

  2. telescoper Says:

    It’s not my photo. See the post.

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