Chorizo Sandwich

Now that the social media fuss about ChorizoGate is dying down a bit I thought I’d change the subject completely by posting some music. This tune is by a band call Los Alacranes and it’s entitled … oh no! … Chorizo Sandwich

6 Responses to “Chorizo Sandwich”

  1. Hm.

    Got me thinking though – most European words for scorpion – including those in the Basque, Catalan and indeed Irish languages – derive one way or another from the Greek σκορπίος. Exceptions seem to be Spanish, as above, and Albanian too apparently, which link back ultimately to the Arabic. Lot of history for one little creature to carry around.

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    Anything about Judith Durham’s death, Peter? The Carnival is Over is an alltime great weepie, and what a voice.

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