Anomalies in Physical Cosmology

Just a quick note to mention that there’s an interesting review article on the arXiv by elder statesman of cosmology Jim Peebles with the abstract:

The ΛCDM cosmology passes demanding tests that establish it as a good approximation to reality. The theory is incomplete, of course, and open issues are being examined in active research programs. I offer a review of less widely discussed anomalies that might also point to hints to a still better cosmological theory if more closely examined.

Here is Figure 4 from the paper, which I’ve picked because it is pretty. It shows the distribution of bright (red) and faint (blue) galaxies within 9Mpc of the Milky Way.

One Response to “Anomalies in Physical Cosmology”

  1. Most unwise. Now a biologist is sure to come up and claim it’s a cosmic petri dish opening up new horizons in virology.

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