La Même Chose

What is she saying?

You can’t move on Twitter these days without seeing the above photograph which seems to have become the latest viral meme. The game as always is to tweet the picture with a suggestion of what the girl is saying. Here is my effort:

You can play the game yourself at home by suggesting your own version of what she’s saying. There are quite a lot of astronomy-related attempts circulating already. The Hubble Tension is an obvious example topic.

Interestingly, just like ChorizoGate, the picture in question was first circulated a few years ago (in 2019) and was also apparently created in Spain. Perhaps there’s some kind of law that states that these things circulate on a 3-4 year cycle?

Talking of ChorizoGate, especially the French Dimension thereof, I wondered whether the French word for “Meme” is the same as it is in English. The French word however turns out to be “Mème”. So the English word “Meme” is not quite the same in French; the French word for Meme is “Mème” which is also not quite the same in French (“Même”). To put it another way, “Même” is the same in French but it’s not the same as either “Mème” or “Meme” neither of which are the same in French (nor in English).

I hope this clarifies the situation.

P.S. I chose the title from the well-known French saying “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”.

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