Phone Matters

Yesterday I managed to smash my mobile phone. It had been on the blink for some time because the screen was coming loose from the body of the phone, but it still worked OK. Yesterday however I managed to drop it on the floor whereupon it fell to bits and died. I took it to a local repair shop to ask if they could fix it. The guy there shook his head sadly and said it would cost €250 to repair. Since it was 5 years old anyway, I thought it was best just to buy a new phone, which I did, for about €350 (complete with screen protector).

It was even a struggle to get the SIM card out of the wrecked phone because the frame that holds it had twisted. In the end I managed. The new device therefore has the same phone number as the old one. It would have been a pain to have had to change that!

Dead Phone Society

I found it quite scary to realize how much I depend on my smartphone. Not only does it have apps for private things, such as banking and social media, but I also need it to authenticate access to work things from home as these have multi-factor authentication (MFA) that requires an app.

I was able to recover most things fairly straightforwardly but I still haven’t got the authenticator to work. I’ll probably have to take a trip to IT services to get that sorted.

On the bright side I managed to get the new phone to connect to eduroam, something my old phone never did…

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