A Winter’s Day in Maynooth

It was -4°C outside my house at about 8.30am when I was getting ready to come to work this morning. There was a light dusting of snow which had frozen overnight so the paths were a bit treacherous. I took a few pictures of Maynooth on the way in. It may have been cold and misty but it was rather atmospheric.

Tháinig sneachta an gheimhridh go luath i mbliana.


8 Responses to “A Winter’s Day in Maynooth”

  1. I hope you are feeding the birds and also leaving out water for them. Can be difficult for them to get access to water when its this cold as much will be frozen. The blackbirds disappeared from my garden for several weeks, but recently returned in droves. Strange.

    • Full range of nuts, seeds and fat balls deployed. The problem with putting out water is that it freezes rather quickly…

    • Perhaps not the same blackbirds.. They do migrate

      • According to birdfact, most of the UK blackbirds don’t migrate, but those from northern Europe do and often end up in the UK. Local ones can move a few miles in search of food – so perhaps they did that, and then came back. They certainly have nests in my garden. Also have a lot of magpies at the moment.

      • telescoper Says:

        When I filled up the bird feeders in the garden this lunchtime it all kicked off between the magpies and jackdaws.

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    Time to play Winterreise

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