10 Responses to “Beard Growing Advice”

  1. […] a personal level, I have produced a detailed guide on Beard Growth for members of my own School, and we shall shortly be running the first ever competition to find […]

  2. Bryn Jones Says:

    Having recently become a champion for the interests of women in science, I must ask how all this applies to women?

  3. As Cliff Stoll points out in his excellent book High Tech Heretic, someone once compiled a list of 10 rules to follow in order to be successful at chess. Rule #4 or whatever was “always make the best move”. Does one even need the other 9?

  4. 4. A Sudsy Wash..to cultivate a magnificent growth? Shurely your secret.

  5. It would still be a 3-point-plan. 🙂

  6. Occasionally I get facial irritation/redness from my beard. Any advice on how to relieve it? Thanks.

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