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Beard of Ireland 2019 poll opens

Posted in Beards, Politics on March 4, 2019 by telescoper

Well, much to my surprise I find I am on the ballot paper for Beard of Ireland 2019. I don’t suppose I’ll feature among the front-runners as I don’t think my beard has had much impact on the Irish landscape. At the moment, however, the current leader is a DUP politician…

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Beard Liberation Front

Press release 3rd March

Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266


The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that competition for the Irish Beard of the Year title is expected to see hairs split as the voting for the annual award opens

The 2017 winner was politician Colum Eastwood who bearded broadcaster William Crawley for the annual Award.

In 2018 the DUP’s Lee Reynolds shaved writer Dominic O’Reilly for the honour with Colum Eastwood in a steady third place.

The 2019 winner will be announced to mark St Patrick Day on 17th March

The BLF says that while traditionally a land of predominantly clean-shaven cultures, Ireland has in recent times become something of a centre for stylish and trendy beards.

Contenders for the title in 2019 include a diverse range of the hirsute- actors, comedians, political activists, journalists…

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The Best Men Can Be Unshaven

Posted in Beards, Biographical, Television with tags , , on January 16, 2019 by telescoper

This advertisement by the Gillette company (purveyors of razors and other shaving products) has been causing a social media meltdown among the male snowflake fraternity:

It seems that the message conveyed in this short film – that men could do more to tackle bullying and harassment – is proving unpopular with certain men. I think it’s a reasonable inference that those men who feel the need to rant about this commercial actually think that they should be entitled by virtue of their gonads to engage in the kind of behaviour challenged therein and indeed threatened by any suggestion that they should not behave like prats. in my opinion the fact that there has been such a reaction demonstrates beyond any doubt how important the message is that toxic masculinity is a problem.

As a recent winner of Beard of the Year I feel it is important to point out that because I have a full beard, I never use Gillette (or any other shaving) products. My continuing not to use Gillette products should therefore not be interpreted as opposition to the message contained in this particular advertisement nor should my refusal to be upset by a commercial be interpreted as an endorsement of Gillette products. If, on the other hand, the Gillette company were to find it within their capacity to introduce a range of beard care products then, in return for receipt of an appropriately generous free supply of said products, I would be willing to advertise them on this site. Indeed, given the ever-increasing numbers of men preferring to be unshaven, it would seem to be a good idea from purely business grounds to diversify its range in order to cater for the hirsute market. I hope this clarifies the situation.

P.S. Another idea would be for Gillette to develop a range of toxic shaving products, specifically for those men who think toxic masculinity is just fine….

New Year Honour

Posted in Beards, Biographical, Cardiff with tags on December 29, 2018 by telescoper

The New Year Honours List for 2019 has been published and I find that once again I have been denied the opportunity to turn down an award.

I find more than adequate compensation, however, in the award of Beard of the Year 2018. I was presented with the Certificate in Tiny Rebel Cardiff by Beard Liberation Front organiser and spokesbeing Keith Flett (left; picture by Megan Davies)

The certificate mentions a joint award but I am yet to receive the joint.

Anyway here is the certificate in close up.

Although I saw I was doing well in the popular vote, I was surprised be a winner as I thought it would be given to someone with a higher public profile than me. Happily, for me anyway, the Electoral College decided in my favour.

We bumped into two members of the School of Physics & Astronomy at Cardiff University in Tiny Rebel (both of whom, I must say, appeared to be rather the worse for drink). A short discussion arose as to whether Beard of the Year could be submitted as evidence of ‘impact’ for the forthcoming Research Excellence Framework. I was working at Cardiff for about half the period covered by the award, you see. I’ll leave that as a matter for the relevant authorities to decide.

Scientists win People’s Vote for Beard of the Year for the first time

Posted in Beards, Biographical, Uncategorized on December 28, 2018 by telescoper

Well, I won Beard of the Year 2018 (jointly). Thanks to all who voted for me!

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Beard Liberation Front

Media Release 27th December

Contact Keith Flett 07803 16726

Scientists win People’s Vote for Beard of the Year for first time

The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers, has said that after a record vote for the Beard of the Year 2018 the Electoral College has determined that two scientists are the winners. TV doctor Xand Van Tulleken and cosmologist Peter Coles currently at Maynooth University in Ireland shared the Award.

The campaigners say that both the winners had an enthusiastic voting constituency and taking into account the public impact of their beards it was felt a shared title was appropriate this year.

Moreover the fact that both have a scientific background for the first time reflects the growing reach of beard wearing.

Manchester brewer Al Wall of leading craft brewery Cloudwater was runner up with last year’s winner Jeremy Corbyn third.

The 8…

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People’s Vote for Beard of the Year 2018 closes midnight on Christmas Eve

Posted in Beards, Biographical, Uncategorized on December 24, 2018 by telescoper

We’re into the last few hours of voting for Beard of the Year 2018 and I’m still in contention!

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Beard Liberation Front

Media Release 24th December

Contact Keith Flett 07803 16726

People’s Vote for the Beard of the Year 2018 closes at midnight on Xmas Eve.

The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers, has said voting for the Beard of the Year 2018 will close at midnight on 24th December in what is the ultimate People’s Vote of the year

The top 6 beard wearers will then head into the Beard of the Year Electoral College.

The College will look at the positive public impact that the beard wearer has had during the year and allocate the remainder of the 40% of the possible votes to allow the winner or winners of Beard of the Year to be named on 28th December

The 6 names currently set to enter the Electoral College are:

Peter Coles

Xand van Tulleken

Al Wall

Philip Glanville

Jeremy Corbyn

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Voting for Beard of the Year 2018

Posted in Beards, Biographical on December 13, 2018 by telescoper

Having made it onto the shortlist, I seem to be ahead in the polling for this Year’s Beard of the Year (for the time being at least – it’s very early days).

I know some people would consider it inappropriate for me to use the medium of this blog to tout for votes. All I can say to such people is VOTE FOR ME!

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Beard Liberation Front

Media Release 11th December

Contact Keith Flett 07803 16726

Voting for the Beard of the Year 2018

The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers, has said that voting is open for the Beard of the Year 2018. The vote closes at midnight on 24th December with the winner declared on 28th December.

Names can be added by write-ins at the bottom of the poll. 1% of the overall vote is needed for someone to join the poll.

The BLF say that the shortlist comprises those whose beard has had a positive impact in the public eye during the year rather than the style or the length of the beard or the views of the beard wearer.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, competition for Beard of the Year is bristling

For the first time this year the result will be determined by a…

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More Science Beards of Note

Posted in Beards, The Universe and Stuff with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 30, 2018 by telescoper

Following yesterdays post in response to the news that the Bank of England has released a list of names of the scientists who have been nominated to appear on the new £50 note, I have collected a few more great beards of British science.

If you recall, Beard Liberation Front spokesperson Keith Flett has argued on his blog for Lord Kelvin (William Thomson) who is indeed a worthy candidate, being both a very distinguished scientist and the possessor of a splendid beard:

However, it must be pointed out that Kelvin was just one of many distinguished British scientists to have been hirsute, especially in the Victorian Era. Two that spring immediately to mind are James Prescott Joule (after whom the SI unit of energy is named):

There is also of course James Clerk Maxwell, who formulated the classical theory of electromagnetism:

I posted those three yesterday, but here are some extras.

First, from an older era, there is John Napier (1550-1617) the mathematician and astronomer perhaps most famous for inventing logarithms:

Next is Joseph Swan, noted for the development of the incandescent light bulb who, incidentally, was born in Sunderland (which is in the Midlands).

Then there is engineer, mathematician and physicist Oliver Heaviside

Oliver Lodge is best known for his work on the development of radio communications:

Another well-known hirsute scientist inventor is Scottish-born Alexander Graham Bell, whose strongest association is with the first working telephone system.

Here’s physicist, chemist and physical chemist William Crookes:

And finally in this batch there is astronomer and mathematician John Couch Adams who did not grow a beard until relatively late in life, but whose facial hair definitely deserves recognition:

Anyway, please keep them coming! You can submit other candidates through the comments box. If you include a link to a picture I will update and include in this post. Note, however, that to be eligible the person must: (a) be a scientist; (b) be British; (c) be dead; and (d) not have been on a banknote before. For example, Charles Darwin has previously been on the tenner so he is ruled out and many other famous beards in science are ruled out by virtue of not being British.