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Scientific Breakthrough of the Year 2016

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The year 2016 is almost over and there are just few hours left  until a 2017 begins. Looking back over the scientific discoveries of the last 12 months, I expect you think I would choose the discovery of gravitational waves by the LIGO consortium as my “Scientific Breakthrough of the Year”.

Wonderful achievement though that was, I have, after due reflection, decided to award the accolade to something else which has even more profound implications for the human race and its place in the Universe.

So without further ado, I hereby announce that the In The Dark award for Scientific Breakthrough Of The Year 2016 goes to Donald Trump,  for providing us at last with a definitive resolution of the Fermi Paradox.


I hope this clarifies the Apocalypse.

The PostDoc Apocalypse: How it begins (via The Upturned Microscope)

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I think this might strike a chord with some of my readers, but any implication that postdocs are equivalent to zombies is completely uninentional.

The PostDoc Apocalypse: How it begins From the people who brought you The PostDoc Trailer! … Read More

via The Upturned Microscope