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Page Charges at A&A…

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It was recently drawn to my attention that UK-based astronomers and astrophysicists now have to pay a charge of €100 per page (!) to publish in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics (usually known as A&A for short). See their page charges information for details.

Contrary to popular belief, A&A only waives page charges for authors from countries who are sponsors of A&A, not all countries who are members of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) project. Although the United Kingdom is a member of ESO, it is not and never has been a sponsor of A&A: see the list of sponsoring countries and their representatives here .

Until recently, however, UK authors did have their page charges waived on what seems to have been an ex gratia basis. For some reason, that exception has now apparently been removed.

UPDATE 1: It should have occurred to me that that this also applies to authors from Ireland.

UPDATE 2: Apparently the liability for page charges is determined by the nationality of the first author. I had previously thought that if any of the authors belonged to a sponsoring country then charges would be waived.

Meanwhile, the Open Journal of Astrophysics publishes entirely for free and we are committed to continuing that way. You know what to do.

Planck Publications

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I just noticed that a Special Issue of Astronomy and Astrophysics which contains the early science papers from Planck has now finally appeared, swelling a considerable number of personal bibliographies just in time for the next round of grant and/or job applications!

The thing is, though, that these papers were all placed on the arXiv in January 2011, so it has taken almost 11 months for them to get officially published. Such a delay seems ridiculous to me in this digital age.  I wonder why it took A&A  so long to publish these papers? Were they all held up by refereeing delays? Are the final published versions significantly different from the arXiv version? I’ve only looked at a few, and can’t see any major changes.

Or maybe this is all normal for A&A?

If you know, please tell…

Of course the main science results from Planck won’t be out until 2013. I wonder how long they’ll take to referee?