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Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 83

Posted in Astronomy Lookalikes with tags , , on January 24, 2013 by telescoper

Bad-boy Hollywood actor-director Alberto Vecchio bears a striking resemblance to Birmingham University’s gravitational wave physicist (and former Cardiff University postdoc) Sean Penn. I’ve long suspected that gravitational waves were pure Hollywood, but I’m still looking forward to Advanced LIGO, the movie,  in which our hero single-handedly discovers a stochastic background of tensor perturbations from the epoch of inflation.


Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 79

Posted in Astronomy Lookalikes with tags , , , on October 7, 2012 by telescoper

Has anyone noticed the remarkable similarity between the crazy star of the Ladbrokes TV commercial , Italian football commentator
Tiziano Crudeli, and Italian physicist and advocate of inhomogeneous cosmological models, Luciano Pietronero?  I wonder what odds Ladbrokes are offering against a fractal Universe? Game on!

Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 73

Posted in Astronomy Lookalikes with tags , , on February 6, 2012 by telescoper

I think Cambridge astrophysicist Mike Hobson bears more than a passing resemblance to  Norwich City  Coventry City Newcastle United Blackburn Rovers Liverpool West Ham United  Manchester City Cardiff City  Liverpool  striker Craig Bellamy. I wonder if, by any chance, they might be related?

Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 72

Posted in Astronomy Lookalikes with tags , , on December 7, 2011 by telescoper

Have you noticed the remarkable resemblance between esteemed cosmologist Joe Silk and renowned character actor Alastair Sim? If it weren’t for Prof. Silk’s unusual taste in headgear, it would be difficult to tell them apart….

Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 67

Posted in Astronomy Lookalikes with tags , , , on October 25, 2011 by telescoper

I’m struck by the remarkable similarity between Dr Marek Kukula, “Public Astronomer” at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, and Constable Kevin Goody, as played by actor James Dreyfus in the popular situation comedy The Thin Blue Line. I wonder if by any chance they might be related?

Marek Kukula

Kevin Goody

Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 66

Posted in Astronomy Lookalikes with tags , , on October 21, 2011 by telescoper

Has anyone else noticed the remarkable resemblance between distinguished astrophysicist and space scientist Mike Cruise and Crazy Frog, the computer animated character used to market the ringtones some people have on their mobile hand-held telephonic devices?

Matt Griffin sent this one in, so blame him…