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Fine-tuning in Cosmology

Posted in The Universe and Stuff with tags , , , , , on March 25, 2019 by telescoper

I forgot to post a link to a paper by Fred Adams that appeared on the arXiv last month on the topic of the fine-tuning of the Universe which I had bookmarked for a blog a while ago.

My heart always sinks when the arXiv informs me that the abstract of a paper is `abridged’ so here’s the full version from the PDF you can download for yourself here. Please be aware, though, that it’s a lengthy paper running to over two hundred pages:

My own view on this topic is that it is indeed remarkable that the Universe is finely-tuned to exactly the extent required to allow authors to write such long papers about the fine-tuning of the Universe…


Dear Peter Coles … (via Letters to Nature)

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Oooh….somebody’s written me a letter via a blog!

I was just re-reading this post over at Cosmic Variance about a paper by Sean Carroll, which he summarises as: Our observed universe is highly non-generic, and in the past it was even more non-generic, or “finely tuned.” One way of describing this state of affairs is to say that the early universe had a very low entropy. … The basic argument is an old one, going back to Roger Penrose in the late 1970′s. The advent of inflation in the early 1980 … Read More

via Letters to Nature