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My private IDAHO

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Today, 17th May, is International day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO). There are events going on all round the world, including the UK (for which you can find a list here).

As an oldie, I find it quite amazing how much attitudes have changed in the general population, and even within the police force, but sadly that doesn’t mean that homophobic hate crimes no longer happen. In fact, they are still depressingly commonplace. The path that leads to violence (and even murder) starts with verbal abuse, and this will only stop when all fair-minded people (straight, gay, bisexual, transexual and undecided) are prepared to confront the bigots. Maybe one day IDAHO will not be needed, but that day remains a long way off.

Here is the official IDAHO video

And here is a special message from these parts made by Stonewall Cymru and the Welsh Assembly

Rainbow over Cardiff

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Nice to see the Rainbow Flag  flying at the Cardiff City Council building this morning..

This is in recognition that today, May 17th, is International Day Against Homophobia, or IDAHO for short. Please remember that although attitudes in the UK are much more enlightened than they were only a few years ago, homophobic violence still happens with distressing frequency. And in places such as Uganda, where a bill has been tabled calling for homosexual acts to be punished by the death penalty, matters are even worse…

If you’re wondering why May 17th was chosen for this, then I can tell you that it’s to commemorate May 17th 1990, which is when the World Health Organisation removed homosexuality from its list of “mental illnesses”.