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A Good Day

Posted in Beards, Biographical, Football with tags , , , , , , on February 11, 2018 by telescoper

It’s been a good day. First of all I was officially presented with the Beard of Winter 2018 Award by the inestimable Keith Flett (right):

The picture was taken (by Megan Davies) outside The Small Bar in Cardiff after a celebratory tipple.

After that it was down to Cardiff Bay, where the Wales Millennium Centre was resplendent in the winter sunshine for an excellent afternoon performance of Tosca (which I’ll review more fully tomorrow):

And if that wasn’t enough, I emerged from the Opera to find that Newcastle Utd had beaten Manchester Utd in the Premiership, a game I had expected them to lose…

So yes, it’s been a good day..


Uncovered cricket pitches: the degree syllabus

Posted in Cricket, Education with tags , , , on April 12, 2015 by telescoper

Interesting proposal from Keith Flett for a new module for university students on uncovered pitches in cricket. My own view is that the syllabus on this fascinating subject should also discuss the physics behind the variable bounce and turn such pitches produced.

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Uncovered pitches: the degree Syllabus

cricket pitch

In its issue of 21st January 2015 the Times Higher reported that the University of the Highlands and Islands is to offer a degree in professional golf.

I responded that it was surely time to offer a degree in cricket too (28th January 2015).

Subjects covered could well include the Laws of Cricket, the history of the game (a very substantial subject in itself) Gentleman v Players and class in cricket, Race and Imperialism in cricket. There is also scope for modules on cricket management and coaching and like many degrees no doubt students would select those areas of most relevance to their interests and future careers.

One area that must certainly should be covered however is that of Uncovered Pitches.  To mark the start of the English cricket season and indeed the start at nearly the same time of a West Indies…

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Beard of Spring nomination list bristles with Spring promise

Posted in Beards, Biographical with tags , , on March 26, 2014 by telescoper

The other night somebody asked me if I don’t watch TV how do I keep up with current affairs? The answer is, of course, that I don’t. I do however keep up with important things via Twitter. Yesterday, for example, I heard that there’s a possibility that I might make the nomination list for the Beard Liberation Front’s “Beard of Spring”. Since I’ve never been nominated for anything in my entire life, I thought I would offer my readership (Sid and Doris Bonkers) the chance to boost my vote. And if anyone accuses me of blatant self-promotion, all I can say is “Vote for Me!


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Beard Liberation Front
Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

Beard of Spring nomination list bristles with Spring promise
The Beard Liberation Front, the network of beard wearers that campaigns against beardism, has said that the nomination list for the Beard of Spring 2014 Award is bristling with Spring promise.

The nominations list is now open to suggestions from the wider public with a poll starting on 5th April and the winner announced on 19th April

The Award one of four seasonal hirsute accolades that leads to the Beard of the Year in December celebrates the coming of Spring and the growth of beards new and old.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said the initial nomination list contains several names who have never been honoured because of their beard and we are keen to receive further suggestions from the wider public

Beard of Spring nomination list
Moeen Ali, cricketer

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