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Cosmology: A Very Short Introduction, now in Kindle Edition

Posted in Books, Talks and Reviews with tags , , on December 30, 2011 by telescoper

Time, I feel, for a bit of gratuitous self-publicity.

I got a very nice piece of news just before Christmas which is that my little book Cosmology: A Very Short Introduction has now sold over 25,000 copies worldwide. I never thought it would sell so well but I’m very happy with the positive reactions it has received. The book was written in 2001 so it’s a little out of date now, because cosmology has moved on quite a bit in the last decade. I don’t think the publishers want to do a new edition, so there’s not much I can do about updating it. I am however, almost finished with a new book which covers some of the more recent advances in the field.

In the spirit of self-promotion, here is one of the nice reviews on amazon from someone who is obviously extremely perceptive:

This is a truly excellent introduction to cosmology for specialist and non-specialist alike. It is non-mathematical and so may be read by anyone, but the overall cover is so good, in my opinion, that it would prove an ideal first read for both undergraduates and postgraduates. All the main topics are covered; the big problems facing us are all highlighted, but what makes this book stand out is the total lack of arrogance displayed by the author. When dealing with something which is not established fact, he gives his opinion but makes it absolutely clear that it is just that – his opinion! This is in marked contrast to the attitude displayed in most texts and is certainly contrary to the policy adopted by some popular scientific journals, which seem to establish a sort of ‘perceived conventional wisdom’ and refuse to publish anything which disagrees with that so-called wisdom. This book will certainly not lead the interested amateur astray, but will present both facts and theories and leave the reader to make up his own mind over matters which are still open to question.
I would urge anyone with an interest in cosmology to buy this book and read it . However, be warned; physically it is a little book but, to gain the maximum from reading it, it is definitely not a quick read! Read it, digest it and enjoy! It really is worth the effort!

Anyway, another thing worth mentioning is that this book is now available as a Kindle Edition. So if you got one of those for Christmas and are looking for things to put on it please consider Cosmology: A Very Short Introduction!

ps. I don’t have a Kindle myself. I did try one, but completely failed to get the fire started with it.