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Suddenly the End of Term

Posted in Biographical, Education, Maynooth with tags , , , on June 1, 2019 by telescoper

Yesterday I finished the last of my marking duties, and put away the exam scripts and other assessments. I had to rush to get them all done in time for this weekend because I will not be here for most of next week. That’s been quite difficult because of all the other things going on and has led to quite a few late nights!

The marks will of course need to be validated and uploaded to a database in advance of the meetings of the Examination Boards which take place the week after next in the presence of the External Examiner. It will be some time, therefore, before everything is finalised and the students get their marks. (In case you didn’t realise, that was a hint to any students reading this not to pester us for their marks…)

The last examinations took place this week and all of a sudden the campus is deserted. Most of the students at Maynooth University don’t actually live here so many of them depart as soon as their last examination is over. The effect is dramatic. There’s been a particularly noticeable change in the vicinity of the Library, which was crammed full of students during the examination period but yesterday morning was deserted. Our friendly feline celebrity will have a lot less company for the next few months but I’m sure he’ll still be well looked after..

Not everyone has disappeared for the summer, of course. The postgraduate will still be around, and we have quite a few students in Theoretical Physics staying for (paid) internships: I have two working with me and I’m looking forward to starting them off on their projects.

This is actually a Bank Holiday Weekend, so everyone will be off on Monday and the campus is closed, which makes  for a nice end-of-term break for some of us. Not all staff had exams early enough to finish in time like I did, however, and no doubt some will have to spend the weekend marking scripts. The June Bank Holiday (Lá Saoire i mí Mheitheamh) in Ireland is actually the equivalent of last week’s late May Bank Holiday in the UK, in that both have their origin in the old festival of Whitsuntide (or Pentecost) which falls on the 7th Sunday after Easter. Because the date of Easter moves around in the calendar so does Whit Sunday, but it is usually in late May or early June. Here in Ireland the Bank Holiday is always on the first Monday in June whereas on the other side of the Irish Sea it is on the last Monday in May.

Finally I noticed last night that the season of concerts from the National Concert Hall in Dublin is now over. The new season will start in September. I’ve been too busy this term to get to many of these but I’ll try to plan things a bit better for the new season.

Feline Film Star

Posted in Maynooth with tags on March 26, 2019 by telescoper

As I was walking into work this morning I noticed that the local celebrity cat was preparing for a location shoot for a film he’s going to be starring in.

I’m not at liberty to give any more details about the film, but I’m not surprised he’s been offered a central part as he is a natural in front of the camera. In my experience cats are generally difficult subjects, as they have a tendency to wander off or otherwise get distracted as soon as you try to photograph them. This one is quite happy to pose. I’ll post an update when the movie is released.

Maynooth Library Cat Update

Posted in Education, Maynooth with tags on January 18, 2019 by telescoper

As I went for a quick coffee break this morning, I passed the local feline celebrity known as Maynooth Library Cat. That reminded me that quite a few people have asked me how said moggy is getting on. Well, here’s a picture I took this morning:

Since we’re in the middle of the examination period, the library is very busy with students using the space in there to prepare. I think the cat is doing a sterling job as a stress release mechanism as he is very friendly and quite vocal. He likes to be stroked and petted, but isn’t keen on being picked up. In return for affection he is regularly plied with food, as this morning. I actually carry some Dreamies in my bag in case he fancies a snack when I go past, but he was busy scoffing a whole portion of food when I took the picture above so I didn’t give him anything this morning. All in all, I think he’s got a very cushy number going.

Some kind soul supplied him with a box, which is placed near his favourite lookout position.

It’s pretty cold these days so I’m sure he appreciates having somewhere warm to take his naps, but he also finds other cosy places around the campus.

There’s a rumour going around that Maynooth Library Cat’s real name is Trevor. I’m not sure that is really the case, and it is possible I was told it as a joke. These days the Irish tend (not unreasonably) to assume that English people are gullible fools who will believe anything…

A Familiar Sight

Posted in Maynooth with tags , on November 5, 2018 by telescoper

It’s been a busy day today back at work after Study Week. Before this week’s telecon,  I thought I’d take a few minutes to share a picture of the local celebrity feline, who was on his perch this morning as I walked across campus. This splendid cat seems to have no name other than Maynooth Library Cat – see the dish on the wall behind – and he roams freely around Maynooth University. I don’t know where he sleeps, but he’s well nourished, in good health is a familiar sight, especially in the area in front of the library.

He’s also quite friendly, and likes to be petted, although he turned his head away when I took this picture (presumably because I didn’t bring any food with me…).