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The Ballad of Barry and Freda

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Rest in peace, Victoria Wood (1953-2016).

Genie, You’re Free..

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It’s been a hectic day so far but I couldn’t resist taking a little time out to post a little tribute to the enormous talent that was Robin Williams, who died last night having apparently taken his own life. Robin Williams was a unique comic talent, best displayed during his legendary stand-up routines, but also demonstrated to great effect on film, especially in Good Morning Vietnam and as the voice of the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin. These movies allowed him to express his remarkable spontaneous ability to connect ideas, characters and voices in a freewheeling improvised scenarios of breathtaking inventiveness; in both the films I mentioned his work was largely unscripted. In Good Morning Vietnam the cutaways to other actors while he did his bit in the radio studio clearly don’t show them acting, just cracking up as he cut loose his extraordinarily fertile imagination; and all the animators on Aladdin had to do to make a great film was to fill in images to match his free-flowing monologues, with celebrity impersonations and other funny voices thrown in for good measure.

Much has already been written about the sad circumstances of his death, and how he seems to have lost his long battle against depression. That a light that could shine so brightly has been lost to the darkness should be a cause of deep sadness, but no-one can really understand another person’s pain and it would be quite wrong to judge him selfish or weak because of the manner of his death. Instead, I shall remember him by the joy he gave – he was one of the comic actors who could reduce me to hysterics – and hope that in some way his loss might lead in some way to greater understanding of depression and other mental health problems.

The most moving tribute of many I’ve seen today on Twitter was from the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Genie in Aladdin yearned to be free, and now he is. RIP Robin Williams.


Lines on the Death of David Frost

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So farewell, then,
Sir David Frost.

Now that you have
Died, I thought
I would write
A silly poem about

And, no doubt, soon
There’ll also be
One in the Eye.

Keith’s Mum says
She used to like
Breakfast with Frost.

But I’ve never been
All that keen
On Frosties.

by Peter Coles (aged 50 ¼).

R.I.P. Tony Greig

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Shocked and saddened by news of the death of former England cricket captain Tony Greig, at the age of only 66.  He was a controversial character, but a fine all-rounder and skipper as a player, and also part of the finest comedy double-act in cricket history (with Geoffrey Boycott) when he became a commentator:

Tony Curtis, RIP

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I just heard the sad news of the death of the Hollywood legend Tony Curtis, star of many wonderful movies, including one of my all-time favourite films, the classic comedy Some Like it Hot. I’ve almost worn the out the DVD I have of this gem, I’ve watched it so many times, so I can’t resist putting up one little clip as a tribute.

They just don’t make ’em like that any more!