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A Free Online Course in Cosmology from SISSA

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The nice people at the Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (known to its friends as SISSA for short) have made available a free online course in cosmology. You can get all of it on Youtube.

The course comprises 16 professionally edited video-lectures delivered by lecturers of the SISSA Astrophysical and Cosmology and Astroparticle PhD Programs and some of their collaborators. I know some of the participants personally, including Paulo Salucci (who introduces the course though I haven’t met him in person for ages so it was nice to see him on camera.

Cosmology is a big subject, of course, and a short-ish course can’t cover everything so there is an emphasis on the research topics covered by SISSA scientists. I haven’t watched all the videos but those I have seen are pretty good. There are actually 17 videos in the playlist below but that includes a very short prelude to introduce the series. The others are between about 25 and 45 minutes in length so you probably don’t want to watch them all in one sitting!

Memories of Trieste

Posted in Biographical with tags , , , , on March 14, 2012 by telescoper

I was too tired last night to do anything but vegetate, and in the course of doing that I found a box of unsorted old photographs which made me all nostalgic. Here are some that reminded me of old friends. I don’t remember exactly when they were taken (probably in 1990), when I was visiting SISSA in Trieste. I don’t remember which particular trip it was or what paper resulted from it but I went there a number of times and had great fun. The first picture was taken in the office of Manolis Plionis, who is seated at the window facing the camera. In those days Manolis had a big motorbike, and I had a number of near-death experiences as his pillion passager on various high speed trips around Trieste, usually along the Strada Costiera…

To the right of Manolis is Francesco Lucchin (standing) with whom I co-authored a textbook on cosmology; Francesco sadly died in 2002. Seated in front of Francesco is Sabino Matarrese and at the computer is Lauro Moscardini.

I think these next two were taken over the nearby border in Slovenia at the end of a dinner but that is relying on my memory which, at my age, is not very reliable. Me and Lauro on the left with Sabino laughing at us. As usual.

And this was the same evening. On Francesco’s right is Paolo Catelan, with whom I also wrote a paper, but I have now completely lost touch with him…

Everyone looks very youthful in these pictures, but it was 20 years ago .. and we’ve all passed a lot of water since then.