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February Storms

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We’ve had three major storms over the past week (Dudley, Eunice and Franklin). Today I was reminded that precisely five years ago today I was trying to make it from Cardiff to Lincoln to give a lecture, so I thought I’d reblog the post I wrote at the time. It took me nearly all day and I was an hour late, but, you know, the show must go on and so it did.

There’s obviously a thing about February and storms!

In the Dark

What a day!

This morning I set out from Cardiff to travel here to Lincoln for mypublic lecture. I took the9.45 train via Birmingham which, after a change of trains in Nottingham, should have got me into Lincoln at 14.23, with plenty of time to have a look around and chat to people before the scheduled start of my talk at 18.00 hours.

That was the plan, but it omitted an important factor:Storm Doris.Fallen trees, broken down trains and general disorganisation meant that it took ninehours to get to Lincoln, even including getting a taxi from Nottingham because I missed my connection.

The strangest thing was that I never actually saw any particularly bad weather. In fact there was quite a lot of sunshine en route. All the chaos was caused elsewhere, apparently.

Anyway I finally turned up almost an hour late for my talk…

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