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Blog Feedback Questionnaire

Posted in Education with tags , on May 2, 2019 by telescoper

It’s that time of year – near the end of teaching term – when we start to get feedback on our lecturing from students in the form of completed module questionnaires. I always get very nervous when these evaluation questionnaires come back, especially when they’re for a module I’m doing for the first time. I do work quite hard on my teaching and I do care about it a lot, but that’s not enough to guarantee that the students respond positively.

This time I’m not only relieved but delighted with the returns from my Engineering Maths returns. The students have been very kind – and some of the write-in comments are actually rather lovely. Of course there are criticisms too but it’s all useful feedback, so I’m grateful for the students who bothered to fill them in and especially to those who wrote detailed textual comments.

Anyway, in the light of the students’ response to the quality of my lecturing I thought I’d try to gather similar feedback on the quality of my blogging. Please complete the following survey. Textual comments may be provided in the form of textual comments through the textual comment box below.