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Watch “Why the Universe is quite disappointing really – Episode 5” on YouTube

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Episode 5, in which I explain using a golf ball just how empty the Universe is. It is so empty, in fact, that even the crowded places are very empty. And as for the empty places, they’re practically nothing.

Dear Peter Coles … (via Letters to Nature)

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Oooh….somebody’s written me a letter via a blog!

I was just re-reading this post over at Cosmic Variance about a paper by Sean Carroll, which he summarises as: Our observed universe is highly non-generic, and in the past it was even more non-generic, or “finely tuned.” One way of describing this state of affairs is to say that the early universe had a very low entropy. … The basic argument is an old one, going back to Roger Penrose in the late 1970′s. The advent of inflation in the early 1980 … Read More

via Letters to Nature