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The Autumn Leaves

Posted in Biographical, Maynooth with tags , , on October 16, 2022 by telescoper

Autumn is definitely here. It’s very nice to live in a tree-lined street but the consequence of that at this time of year is that there are leaves everywhere. They don’t call it “fall” for nothing. Actually I let the leaves lie until they compost down on the actual garden but unfortunately the side of my house is a bit of wind trap and they tend to accumulate there in large quantities. When they do start to break down it makes a slippery hazard for anyone visiting, especially if it rains.

So this lunchtime I cleared away most of the leaves from the path leading up to my front door, in which task I was joined by a little robin who was no doubt hoping I would disturb some bugs or at any rate something edible when I swept up the leaves. I’m not sure this is the same robin that came in my house earlier this year, but it wasn’t afraid to come very close.

Reading a little about robins I discovered that many don’t live to reach their first birthday, but those that do have a good chance of living quite a while longer. The record is 19 years! Today’s robin could be the same one I’ve seen before, but I can’t be certain.

That reminded me that it was about time to start putting the bird feeders out again so I went out and bought some seed and peanuts and fat balls, although I think I’ll keep those for when it’s a bit colder.

At some point soon I’ll have to get the ladders out and trim back the ivy which is once again reaching the top of the wall. That will have to wait a few days, though, as my garden refuse bin is now full and won’t be empty again until Wednesday.

Early Autumn?

Posted in Brighton with tags , , , on August 24, 2015 by telescoper

This seems a bit strange. I was on campus yesterday (23rd August) and noticed that the leaves are already falling from the trees:

Early Autmn

Has Autumn come early to Sussex this year? Or is this normal? Anyone noticed anything like this elsewhere?

That Fishy Saying of Einstein…

Posted in The Universe and Stuff with tags , , , on March 10, 2014 by telescoper


There are two interesting things about the above Einstein meme that has been doing the rounds. The first is that there’s absolutely no evidence that I can find that Albert Einstein ever said the words attributed to him; that’s also true for the vast majority of Einstein quotes, in fact.

The other interesting thing (and I risk being labelled a pedant here) is that there are species of fish, such as the Mangrove Rivulus, that really are able to climb trees…