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Early Autumn?

Posted in Brighton with tags , , , on August 24, 2015 by telescoper

This seems a bit strange. I was on campus yesterday (23rd August) and noticed that the leaves are already falling from the trees:

Early Autmn

Has Autumn come early to Sussex this year? Or is this normal? Anyone noticed anything like this elsewhere?

That Fishy Saying of Einstein…

Posted in The Universe and Stuff with tags , , , on March 10, 2014 by telescoper


There are two interesting things about the above Einstein meme that has been doing the rounds. The first is that there’s absolutely no evidence that I can find that Albert Einstein ever said the words attributed to him; that’s also true for the vast majority of Einstein quotes, in fact.

The other interesting thing (and I risk being labelled a pedant here) is that there are species of fish, such as the Mangrove Rivulus, that really are able to climb trees…