Discrete Analysis — an arXiv overlay journal

Good to see this experiment getting under way. Announcements about a similar (though not identical) initiative for Astrophysics and Cosmology (currently under beta testing) will appear shortly…

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This post is to announce the start of a new mathematics journal, to be called Discrete Analysis. While in most respects it will be just like any other journal, it will be unusual in one important way: it will be purely an arXiv overlay journal. That is, rather than publishing, or even electronically hosting, papers, it will consist of a list of links to arXiv preprints. Other than that, the journal will be entirely conventional: authors will submit links to arXiv preprints, and then the editors of the journal will find referees, using their quick opinions and more detailed reports in the usual way in order to decide which papers will be accepted.

Part of the motivation for starting the journal is, of course, to challenge existing models of academic publishing and to contribute in a small way to creating an alternative and much cheaper system. However, I hope that…

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4 Responses to “Discrete Analysis — an arXiv overlay journal”

  1. In an arxiv overlay journal, which doesn’t keep the papers itself but links to the archive, can you ensure that the paper is not changed at some later point, by the author uploading a new version?

    • If it links to a specific version then that link will remain to that version, even if another version is added to arXiv later.

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